How to Get the Most Out of RightMetric

If you want to get impactful, customized insights from RightMetric with the minimum possible time investment, you’re in the right place. These guidelines are critical for a successful and long-lasting relationship between you and our team. 

Your RightMetric LaunchPad

The ONE place you need to go to access everything RightMetric. Including:

  • Requesting custom research
  • Your research queue (shows what’s in the queue, being worked on, and done)
  • Your past completed custom research
  • Contact info for your RightMetric Client Success Manager
  • A list of your users for the Insight Library
  • Your subscription details (length, renewal date, etc.)

You’ll get an invite to your LaunchPad as part of your onboarding. 

Requesting Custom Research

    • Check out our Research Menu to understand the types of research that are available to request.
    • You can request research within your LaunchPad by:
      • Filling Out the Custom Research Request Form
      • Emailing Us
      • Booking a Call
      • Use whichever method is the best fit for your natural workflow. 
      • When submitting a research request, it’s ESSENTIAL that you give as much detail as possible, so we can create research that truly provides the answers you need to create and refine your digital strategy.
      • Once the request has been received, we’ll send you a confirmation, add it to your research queue in your LaunchPad, and get to work on it as soon as it’s at the top of the queue.
      • We’ll always give you an estimated delivery date based on what else is in your research queue. 
      • The Standard Project Delivery Timeline (after submission & confirmation of a complete brief) is 1-3 Weeks.
      • Delivery Timelines may be longer than 3 weeks for projects that are more complex or customized than RightMetric’s standard research menu items.
      • We’ll deliver your completed research via your LaunchPad.
      • You can submit an unlimited number of research projects to your queue.
      • The number of projects worked on at a time is determined by your plan.
      • Projects are completed in the order that you prioritize them in your queue.
      • You can update the priority order of your queue at any time by commenting on the project in your LaunchPad with where in the queue you would like it moved.

      Communicating With Us

      • About Custom Research: Should always take place within the LaunchPad in the respective project’s comment section. 
      • About Anything Else: Email, call, or text. Whatever you prefer.

      The Insight Library

      • The Insight Library contains all RightMetric’s past research.
      • It covers many verticals and digital channels.
      • It may have an insight you’re looking for, without having to request research.
      • Try using the filters and text search to find what you need.
      • Tips from our Knowledge Base on finding what you need in the Insight Library.

      Insight Q&A Sessions

      • If you want to review/jam on insights from RightMetric research, we’d be happy to set up a chat with your strategic advisor.
      • Just ask your Client Success Manager and they’ll find the right time.
      • Sending your questions ahead of time makes these sessions WAY better.
      • Please read the research before asking for a Q&A session.

      Monthly Insight Emails

      • We’ll send you and your team a monthly email with our latest research that we believe is relevant to you and your business. 
      • If you would like to change who receives this please contact your Client Success Manager. 

      Quarterly Strategy & Insights Session

      • We’ll set up a Strategy & Insights Session with you each quarter.
      • We’ll ask you about your upcoming priorities and campaigns, then suggest the best research we can provide to support your planning.
      • It’s also an opportunity to provide feedback on your RightMetric experience. How can we serve you better?