Digital Advertising Data Source Caveat

Estimated Ad Spend

Our research/data tools cannot detect ad spend that is based on (a) re-targeting or (b) heavily personalized targeting (ex. Males, 18-24, in Hamilton Ontario, that have interests in Soccer, Xbox, Minecraft, Drake, and Korean Food) . They can detect ad spend that is cold targeted with relatively broad targeting (ex. Males, 18-24, in Canada, with interests in Soccer and Xbox)

Because of this limitation, “estimated ad spend” is typically lower than true total ad spend for a given brand. That said, we have independently validated that trend lines over time and differences in proportional ad spend while comparing multiple brands is typically very directionally accurate. 

For more detail, please see our article Things To Know About Marketing Intelligence Data. If you’d like to dig deeper into our data partners and their methodologies please see RightMetric’s Principle Data Partners.

While not perfect, we are confident that our data partners offer the most accurate and holistic data that is currently commercially available. We also believe that making decisions based on a non-perfect view of this data is far better than making decisions without any of this data.

Digital Advertising Tools

SEMrush is one of the oldest and best-known comprehensive Website Analytics & Competitive Intelligence platforms, with a focus on Search Engine Marketing. SEMrush collects data via a combination of crawlers and partnerships with other data providers.

Data Collection Methodology Page →

Typically Used to Track / Corroborate: 

  • Estimated Ad Spend 
  • Search Ad Position
  • SERP Rankings
  • Site Traffic
  • Search Ads
  • Ad Copy

Pathmatics is an advertiser database and digital marketing intelligence platform that brings transparency to brands' digital ad strategies. Data is collected via a combination of crawling and an opt-in user panel. Coverage includes desktop & mobile display, native ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads.

Data Collection Methodology Page →

Typically Used to Track / Corroborate: 

  • Direct vs. Programmatic Buys
  • Placements by Channel
  • Funnel Deconstruction
  • Estimated Ad Spend
  • Active Creatives
  • Landing Pages
  • Display Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Ad Copy
  • CPM
  • CTR


Questions? Please reach out to your RightMetric contact and they will be happy to assist.