RightMetric's Principle Data Partners

Get a better understanding of what tools powers our insights and how they gather their data.

Holistic & High Quality Sources

We're proud to base our research on some of the highest quality sources of digital marketing data in the world.

We've selected our data partners on the following criteria:

  • Ethical & Transparent Data Collection: They collect their data directly via platform API or via panels that include:
    • A well-informed, multi-step opt-in process that requires explicit permission.
    • Demographically diverse panels.
    • No collection of panelist's personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Reliable Data: We've independently verified that the data is reliable enough to be useful, and flagged areas where it is not reliable enough to use.
  • Holistic Coverage: We've selected data partners with coverage in every relevant digital channel so we can analyze brands' impact and activities across the digital landscape.

RightMetric's Principle Data Partners


eDataSource is the premier source of email deliverability technology and performance insights with the most expansive data coverage in the industry. Data is collected via a multi-source monitoring solution comprised of virtual personas, seed-based monitoring, an opt-in consumer panel, and eDataSource's IntelliSeedâ„¢ Network.  


Sparkpost is the world's first predictive email intelligence platform, helping brands predict and optimize email performance with unprecedented data visibility. Roughly 25% of the world's non-spam transactional email volume is handled via SparkPost. Direct, anonymized data is collected and cleaned for analysis.

Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs is the world leader in social video analytics and sponsored video intelligence. Data is collected via direct platform API with the major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. In addition, data is collected via partners in the Global Video Measurement Alliance, a network of data-sharing partner organizations such as Corus Entertainment, Discovery, Digitas, Buzzfeed, Vice, Viacom, and many more.


SimilarWeb is the world's leading all-in-one Website Analytics & Competitive Intelligence platform. SimilarWeb leverages hundreds of data sources which are categorized into 4 distinct groups:

  1. First-Party Direct Measurement: Websites and Mobile Apps owners share their first-party data with SimilarWeb directly via the SimilarWeb platform.
  2. Partnerships: Data from partners (websites or apps) with millions of users.
  3. Public Data Sources: Proprietary technology and indexing engines that continually scan public data points.
  4. Anonymous Behavioral Data Panel: Anonymous behavioral data from their contributory network aggregated at the site level rather than the individual level, devoid of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 


Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 2.45.27 PM

BuzzSumo is a content and influencer intelligence platform. Data is collected via crawling and covers 3.7 billion web articles; plus profile, post, and engagement data from Facebook, reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. 


Pathmatics is an advertiser database and digital marketing intelligence platform that brings transparency to brands' digital ad strategies. Data is collected via a combination of crawling and an opt-in user panel. Coverage includes desktop & mobile display, native ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter ads.


SEMrush is one of the oldest and best-known comprehensive Website Analytics & Competitive Intelligence platforms, with a focus on Search Engine Marketing. SEMrush collects data via a combination of crawlers and partnerships with other data providers.



DemographicsPro is a demographic and psychographic platform that uses multiple data signals from three primary areas (networks, consumption and language) to infer audience characteristics. Data signals are filtered and amplified using large, proprietary knowledge bases of established correlations between data points and demographic characteristics. The multiple amplified signals are combined using a series of algorithms to estimate or infer likely demographic characteristics. All inferred demographics are anonymized or aggregated.



Unmetric is a social media intelligence platform. Data is collected from the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of multiple social networks. Unmetric layers on their own filters and algorithms to organize the data into useful insights for social benchmarking, competitor intelligence, and so on. 



SparkToro is an audience intelligence research tool that shows the websites visited, social accounts followed, hashtags used, and much more for any specific audience of interest. SparkToro crawls billions of unique web pages, social media accounts, and individual pieces of content on social platforms then builds a database associating profiles and content with unique identifiers.



Rephonic is a database that provides a robust set of metrics for millions of podcasts. Rephonic aggregates data from multiple sources including Apple Podcasts, RSS feeds and dozens of other publicly available sources to compile a comprehensive set of metadata for each podcast. 


exolyt-removebg-preview (1)

Exolyt is a social media analytics platform, with a heavy focus on TikTok Analytics. Data is collected from publicly available data sources and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of multiple social networks. Exolyt layers on their own proprietary algorithms to extract insights from the data

Other Tools

Our research team regularly uses 20+ other tools to round out our assessment of digital brand performance in niche channels or where corroboration from multiple sources is required.