What Are Research Credits & How You Can Use Them?

Credit Delivery Model

Research Credit System

We use a research credit system to allow our clients to easily request custom research. The number of credits available to use per quarter differs depending on your subscription plan. Additional credits can be purchased at any time by contacting your Client Success Manager.

Research Menu & Pricing

Credit Pricing

How to Get Research

  1. Review our Research Menu to see if an existing methodology will answer your question or provide the insights that are needed
    1. If yes
      1. Check the credit cost above to ensure that you have enough credits for the research
      2. Submit your request via our Custom Research Form
    2. If no
      1. Submit a request via our Custom Research Form to answer a strategic question that's not covered by one of our methodologies
      2. The final research credit cost will be determined based on the amount of research involved in the request