Custom Research Request — Example

Check out this quick best-in-class example of what to include in a research request.

When submitting a research request, it’s ESSENTIAL that you give as much detail as possible, so we can create research that truly provides the answers you need to create and refine your digital strategy.

Here is an example of what kind of detail to include in a custom research request

Research Menu Item:

If you know which menu item you want to use, please select it. If not, no problem! Just select the “I’m not sure” option.
  • "Advertising Channel Scan™"


Write a summary of your research question or the strategy challenge you’re trying to solve.
  • "We are interested in learning how much our competitors are investing across their advertising channels. We would like to understand how this has changed YoY and if there are any overall trends in platform allocation."

Marketing Objective

The objective you’re ultimately trying to achieve by informing your strategy with this research.
  • "Our objective is to more effectively connect with our target audience and increase conversions."

Underlying Decision

What decision are you trying to inform by requesting this research?
  • "We are trying to decide our overall media mix and which advertising channels are oversaturated/undersaturated by our competitors."


Any relevant brands you think should be part of the analysis.
  • "Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Converse"  


Any context or pre-existing opinions you have about the subject.
  • "We have a hunch that our competitors are mainly focused on Instagram and that TikTok is still a relatively untouched opportunity. We are hoping the research can either confirm or deny this assumption." 


Is there a specific timeframe you would like us to analyze? If you leave this blank, we usually know what timeframe will provide useful research :)
  •  "We would like to look at ad spend over the past 3 years"


Is there a specific geography you’d like us to limit the analysis to? If you leave this blank, we’ll analyze globally.
  • "US ad spend only" 

File Upload

Upload any useful documents (e.g., user personas, past research, etc.)
  • "Here is some past research that we have done in this space that we think may be relevant for you to know."