Competitor Channel Scan™

Identify how 5 key competitors stack up in any digital channel.


Competitor Channel Scan | KB-1

Channel: Digital ad platforms, social platforms, email, web

Examples of questions answered by this methodology:

  • How much are my competitors investing across advertising channels?
  • What channels are driving the most traffic for my competitors?
  • Tell me about my competitor's email marketing strategy
  • How is our top competitor winning with Gen Zs online?


Customizable elements:

  • Brands (i.e. "I want to look at these 5 brands")
  • Geography (i.e. "Only their Canadian ad spend")
  • Marketing Channel (i.e. Digital ad platforms, social platforms, email, web, etc.)

Custom Credit Cost

  • 2 Credits per 5 competitors across 1-3 digital channel

This methodology pairs well with:

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